Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 for 30 Recap

So today marks the completion of my 30 for 30 challenge.

30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days.

And I just have one thing to say, 30 days is a REALLY long time.

I started off strong (or so I thought).  Varying my daily activities so I didn't get bored.  Walks around the neighborhood, stair climbing in the local stadium, aerobics.

Then something happened and I missed a day. I just couldn't get my stuff together.  Who knows what really happens, the excuses are endless: work, late social nights, etc.  But I was okay, it felt like I had been doing this challenge for a while now so I had a good track record.  Then I looked at the calendar.

It was June 7th.

I lamented to my friend Tanja at the Minimalist Packrat and was newly inspired by her Wabi Sabi mantra.  And even rebounded with a 5:00AM workout at the gym the next day.

Fast forward to June 15th.  I must have a thing for 7 days.  I was sick that day and totally missed out.  But am pretty proud of myself for keeping the 1-hr 5:00AM workout sessions up for a good while.

Now we are to this week.   Man oh man, this week was the hardest.  Traveling, work schedules, social outings. They all attacked me at once and I was unprepared.  In not so many words, not the strong finish I was hoping for.

So my overall score, 80%.  In my school of thought, that would be rounded to a B+.

This challenge was fun, definitely gave me a lot of time to enjoy our 100 degree weather here in the south.  It reinforced the life long lesson that to create a habit takes a long time and tons of discipline.  And reminded me again how important it is to get some sort of physical activity everyday.

And I'm deciding that it's good enough to buy my awesome reward.  I'm sure glad this is only a deciding committee of UNO.

If you joined me in the challenge, tell me how you did.  What did you learn?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preoccupied Summer

I've been distracted a lot lately.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What They Don't Tell You

A dear friend let me borrow a huge pile of cooking magazines.

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