Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Initial de-cluttering

To even think about beginning my 100 things list this past weekend I boxed up clothes, scarves, shoes and a random Barack Obama Halloween mask.  Things I had not so much as touched in the past three years, except maybe to throw them in a box when we were moving. 

 5 large boxes total.  If I had been in my right mind I might have taken a picture, but I was up to my elbows in bleach, packing tape and attic dust that there just wasn't time.  This is the closest picture that does the initial de-cluttering justice:

A representation of the initial de-cluttering.  From Gitt.

As I have been reading about transforming to a minimalist lifestyle, one thing that is a common thread is not just getting rid of your stuff.  But finding a way to donate it so that it can benefit something or someone else.  Being new to the area I searched through the yellow pages for a Goodwill or other non-profit organization that I could donate my items.  I found a local place called My Sister's Closet.  This is an all around clothing shop, open to anyone, that runs strictly on donations from the community.  All the profits go toward domestic violence related issues, such as supporting the local crises center.  This includes educating people about domestic violence.  I really enjoyed giving my stuff to an organization that I know will benefit others.

Although this is an initial step (and I am not even close to narrowing my stuff down), it was a relief and inadvertently made me think of the game KerPlunk.  Does anyone remember that game?  You start out placing rods in the clear tube and then stack the marbles on top.  Each turn you slowly remove a rod and try not to let the marbles fall through.  In this simplifying process eventually all my rods will be gone and I'll lose my marbles! (Sorry couldn't help myself)  But this time I think I'll be happy about it.

Now to face the music, or should I say the 100.

Uplift one another,


A blast from the past--KerPlunk.

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