Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thursday: Conspiracy & Inspiring Women

Okay so my Random Thursday is pretty random this week. There are two things I want to share with you. They are so not related, but equally cool, inspiring, revealing, and fun.

Number one: Is it a conspiracy theory?
I guess if I were honest with myself I would say I am a little bit of a conspiracy theorists. (Love the movie by the way)  I just often feel like the news media blows things a little out of proportion sometimes, for more money and a wider audience. I mean it's all about perspective right?

Well now you can test that perspective.  How big is it really? is a website where you can geographically see the size of any event. Here is an example:

This is how big the moon is over our current state North Carolina. Yes a little nerdy, but I just know beyond that screen your saying 'awesome' and typing in your zip code right now! I ran across this website on NPR's science blog by Robert Krulwich.  Check out his perspective and then make your own comparison.

Number two: Women that make you want to give a standing ovation.
While checking out the morning news I came across NPR's picture show blog that featured Pictory Magazine showcase on the wisdom of women. First of all this is a brand-spanking new online magazine (they just celebrated their first birthday) that focuses on photo stories. The Secrets of Inspiring Women showcase is amazing. Be ready to laugh, cry, and marvel.  This is one of my favorites:
Seeing myself in Science. By Kat McCormick, from Pictory Magazine.

(To all my male readers out there, this isn't a stroll down feminism lane. Check out the showcase, I think you'll marvel with us on the strength and complexity of women.)
May your pictures always tell truthful stories,

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