Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Cure For Mr. Forgetful

I've told you before, I am a scheduler.

Type A personality.



Whatever you want to call it.  I love lists and planners.  They're my comfort blanket.

So when my better half showed me Google calendar I just about fainted.

You see in our previous life (back home) we were always on the go, booked completely.

It was so bad we often sat down at the beginning of each month and had a 'Calendar Meeting', right after we talked about our budget.

This was a chance to keep each other updated on the month's events. Informing one another about what we had going on, and what events the other one needed to attend.

Now thanks to google calendar, we spend more time doing things we love, instead of having 'Calendar Meetings'.

Here is how it works:

First things first, you need a gmail account.  Which is easy to get, just go here.  Once you have your account you automatically have access to all gmail features, including the calendar.

Start creating events.  Click on the Create event tab here:

That will take you to a screen that looks something like this:

Here you can fill in all the details of the event.  Date, time, location.
My favorite part is you can even invite guest.

So whenever I want to let my better half know of an event coming up that he needs to attend with me I just put in his email and he automatically gets a notification about it.  He can even RSVP.

I'm currently drafting a letter to Google to remove the maybe option in the RSVP response.  My better half likes to reply maybe to my invitations just to ruffle my feathers.  He thinks it's funny.  Of course,  his attendance usually isn't optional.

Never forget a birthday or anniversary again.  Ever since using Google calendar we are rockin' on remembering all of our family and friends birthdays.  Nothing makes me more excited (or feel more special) when people remember my birthday.  It's such a fun way for us to deepen important relationships and let someone know how much we care about them.

So it's that simple.  Try out Google calendar, and never forget an important event again.

Keepin' it real,

*Oh, and Google has no clue who I am.  No affiliation, no sponsorship, blah, blah, blah.  Just a favorite of mine I thought you would enjoy.


Stephanie said...


I use google calendar to coordinate stuff with my kids. However, most of the work stuff gets done in outlook.

Turns out, you can automatically synchronize google calendar with outlook. It's a beautiful thing!

Stephanie (My blog)

Anonymous said...

OMG--Too funny, since it completely describes my experience over here in Columbia, SC. Our lives are so much calmer since my absent-minded professor got into Google calendar!

He got a free iPod Touch with his new laptop, and uses it to keep his calendar close by at all times--we use only a basic dumb cell phone. If you have a smart phone, Google Calendar is especially handy!

SillySimple said...

Google Calendar is awesome :-) Thanks for the reminder to go back and pull it up again!

In the past, my husband and I have especially liked the sharing features. It allows us to maintain separate calendars but have full read/write access to each others schedules. It means when someone asked "are you two free for dinner on Friday?" I could say Yes! with some degree of certainty for both of us and block the time off on BOTH of our calendars.

Simplifying in the South said...

@Stephanie: I had no idea you could link outlook with google calendar. That's awesome and something I'm going to have to look into. Thanks for sharing!

@Anonymous: Thanks for sharing about your google calendar experience. I'm glad there are other people getting the benefits.

@SillySimple: That's also my favorite part of the sharing features. It makes scheduling things so much easier, and results in less fights for us. A better understanding of each others schedule.

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