Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Some Noise for Mike

How long did it take you to learn how to spell the word, MISSISSIPPI?

You remember, fourth grade geography, learning all the states and their capitals?  Struggling to keep straight Bismarck & Boise.

The spelling of MISSISSIPPI was always difficult for me.  I wrote it 50 billion times, learned the song, and recited it to my mother about a million different times.

It took a while.  Six months exactly.

Six months of reciting that forever long state, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.

And today, twenty plus years later, when I think about Johnny Cash or magnolias, I struggle with the spelling, having to remind myself.  Singing that crazy song.

This is what I thought about when I devoured my friend Mike's ebook, Rise Above the Noise this week.

Don't worry, it's not about Mississippi.

But the book is kind of like the Mississippi song.

You need it.  To have in your head.  To start singing when life gets messy.  To support you when society pulls you back into the status quo and the suffocating world of consumerism.  To reenforce you on your journey.

So for this Random Thursday I wanted to take time to tell you about Mike's fantastic ebook and let you know why I've listed it under my favorites.

The Breakdown

Okay, so what is this book about?  Rise Above the Noise.  I thought of two words to describe the content.

Identify.  Mike helps us identify the noise in our lives, and the source.  Looking into how our never-ending freedom puts us in this position, with unlimited choices becoming a burden.

Counter-Attack.  Time is invaluable resource that we need to fight for.  We only get one chance at this life, and taking small steps now can help use deal with the overwhelming noise later.

Why should you pay money for this book?

Reason 1.  This is a single source, with a wealth of information.  I love reading blogs, and I could read blogs all day.  But I often get overwhelmed, only skimming the material to move on to the next post.  This ebook, got me away from the internet. I was able to sit down, and think about it.  Taking time for introspection and to learn.  I'll be sitting down with this ebook for a couple of weeks, journaling and trying to implement the practical applications.

Reason 2.  Support a worthy cause.  Mike is doing something awesome with this ebook.  Not only do you get great information, the money raised during the first week of the ebook launch is going to Hope International.  This is an amazing organization that does what I like to call 'teaching people how to fish'; instead of just 'giving them fish'.  Providing small business loans to people in underserved communities.

And if you don't get around to purchasing the ebook the first week, you can still help out a poor college student.  And a lot of you know what it feels like to be a poor college student.

Reason 3. It doesn't take up any space and only cost $10.  So you don't have to add one more thing to your pile of clutter, a minimalists dream.

Who should buy this book for?

Yourself.  Cause it's a great source of knowledge on how to manage all the information and choices we face daily.  A great 'song' to have as your support when your faced with the noise of life.

A Newbie Minimalists.  This ebook is a great starter for new found minimalism.  Mike includes great tips and advice that you can start applying the moment you put down the book.  And you also get wonderful perspectives from fellow bloggers such as Tammy Strobel, Colin Wright, and Tyler Tervooren.

A Seasoned Minimalists.  Because often we need reminders and reinforcement.  And we could all take time to identify the unhealthy noise in our lives.

An Overwhelmed Friend.  Mike does a great job of putting words to things we often can't explain. The 'why' questions.

"Why do I never have enough time?" 

"Why don't I have any real friends?"

"Why am I never satisfied?"

Mike identifies the noises that cause us to have no time, no deep relationships, and no contentment.  Along with giving you practical applications on how to rise above it.

How should you read this book?

In your comfy chair, with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a journal.

Okay, that's how I read this book.
And it was only half a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

What I'm saying is this is an ebook you need to take time with.  Let it read you.  Stop and ponder the deep questions asked.

Rise Above the Noise is something we can examine again and again, helping us identify the constant pull of society.  We can learn how to be proactive, fighting to protect our most valuable asset, time.  The ideas in the book are things we need to continually be reminded of, until we have reached our goal of the simple life.


So head on over to Mike's place, and check out his new book.  

Loving this journey,

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The Bush Hippy said...

i love this post and somehow found mike and your review tonight at the same time. i google "how to live simply" and you all popped up. i am heading now to get the ebook. i love your blog by the way! i was born and raised in knoxville tn, but love of money has brought us to amarillo texas. it sux and i hope after i read mikes book i have the guts to quit!! wish me luck!!

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