Friday, October 29, 2010

Appliances Revolt

Our hot water-heater gave out last night.  The scenario went like this:

I rushed home after work, spent 2 hours in the kitchen preparing for a dinner party at our house tonight, turn on the sink to start cleaning my mound of dishes and find the water ice cold.  There wasn't even a lick of warmth.

My better half goes out to our storage closet (where the water-heater is housed) and confirmed my worst suspicion.  The water-heater had died and left all its remains on the water-soaked floor.

At first I was angry.  Really angry.  Not just about the water-heater (okay that was a huge component) but about our new southern town, how no one is ever in a rush and how difficult it was to going to be to get someone to fix this on a Friday.  I was really frustrated about the idea of not having hot water for 24 hrs, and wouldn't even consider being deprived of it for the weekend. 

I didn't realize how much you really need this thing that I don't think about, ever.  This was until I had to heat up water on the stove to wash my dishes.  And experience a ice cold shower at 6AM, something I hope to never do again.

After de-fuming this morning I thought about how I really am a spoiled little rich girl.  We aren't monetarily rich by any means, except in the eyes of greater than 70% of the world's population.  I just realized how much I really do take everything for granted.  A roof over my head, water that comes out of the sink when you turn it on (temperature is a bonus), indoor plumbing.  It really is the simple things that matter.  That's a huge reason why I'm on this simplifying journey, to help me see beyond myself and my stuff.  Our water-heater kicking the bucket was a nice slap in the face to remind me of this.

Hopefully today your appliances won't yell at you to notice them like mine did.  Maybe before they do take a look around and realize what simple things you could be thankful for.

Getting back to the basics,

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