Sunday, October 24, 2010

Football & Friends

It was homecoming in our sweet little town this weekend.  Just like everywhere else this means marching bands, tailgates, and football.  Even though Autumn doesn't really happen here, the festivities made it feel like it.  I was ready to wrap up in a big sweatshirt and fleece blanket....even though it was 80 degrees outside.

To tell you the truth the event made me a little homesick....longing for the cool weather, friends, and fall leaves we left behind.

Moving to a new place is kind of lonely.  I am so grateful that my better half is with me, but I think we both feel the longing for the comfortable, deep-rooted relationships we left back home.  It's natural right?  That's what everyone tells me.  And establishing new relationships (anywhere) really takes time and a lot of work.

For us I think that process started this weekend.  Now, don't get me wrong this community we moved to definitely loves them some fellowship.  There isn't much to do in this small town, so there is a lot of creating your own fun.  Which I really like.  There is always lots of time to eat, drink, and be merry!

My heart has been longing for something deeper though.  Moving beyond that superficial connection you have with people, to a more personal one.  Do you know what I mean?  I feel like I sound kind of creepy right now.  I guess what I'm trying to say is really getting to live life with people, getting to know them, and walk beside them.  Now this is all wonderful but it takes a lot of time--I realize that.  But I am not a model of patience--you look up impatience in the dictionary and you'll see my picture.

I was excited though that this journey toward deeper relationships with others began this weekend.  At the last couple of gatherings we've met a couple that are foreigners just like us and we really hit it off.  I laughed because at every party it usually ended up with us kind of off to the side just talking to each other.  So our new friends were brave.  (You know it's always scary to take that initial step in starting up a real relationship with people.  You have all these thoughts of "Will they like me?  What if they think we are weird?  What if they are crazy?"  I don't know maybe it's just me)  So our new friends stepped out of there comfort zone and they invited us over to their house for Sunday dinner (which really means lunch here).

As we were all sitting around the table, enjoying the home-cooked meal, yelling at Sunday football games, and just being together, I realized how much real relationships are everything.  We humans are such relational beings.  In my life they are the cement that holds me together.

I recently wrote about how one aspect of simplifying your life is to focus on experiences--not material objects.  This weekend was a perfect example of that for me.  I want my life to be defined by the relationships I have.  When my journey is over I want people to stand up and say "She made time for me, she was a true friend."  To me that is the ultimate goal.

So be brave, go make a new friend this week.  You might just bring a little sunshine to a lonely persons life.  And don't forget about your old relationships....

go hug someone you love,

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