Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little black cloud

Of course when I make a challenge to take some time for myself, the universe rears it's ugly head and makes sure I fall flat on my face.  That's what happened this week.  I was followed around by a little black cloud.

Our refrigerator died, I lost my work/car keys (they were found in a locked cabinet I had to have broken open), it rained, I had several experiments take all get the picture.

However, I did get to go outside twice this week to eat my lunch and it was divine.  There is a small pond right outside my building.  Here is a picture from where I sat (taken from my phone):
The Pond
I have no idea what is so soothing about water, but I am attracted to it.  The fountains, the ducks, the warm sun on my face, it was like medicine for my soul.  Whew, it was so nice to taste my food.  I got to think creatively about other things.  I got to be quiet.  And I just got a moment to breath.  This is a ritual I'm determined to keep.


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