Sunday, October 17, 2010

Round 1: 100 Things

This task really seems daunting to be because my personality is one of pack-rat and overcautious which boils down to keeping everything "just in case".  So to ease into this I started with listing 10 items that I use everyday:

1. Alarm Clock (as much as I hate it, it is necessary)

2. Toiletries

I tried narrowing this to 5 items (my personal magic number) but it was nearly impossible.  Just because contact solution + shaving cream + razor + toothbrush + hairspray + straightening iron + hair dryer, really adds up.
BUT, I did clean out one-half of my bathroom vanity that has been driving me crazy ever since we moved.  You see I currently inhabit (by myself) in a bathroom with two double sinks and two cabinets underneath each sink.  The one side contains all of my stuff that I use everyday.
The Good Cabinet
However the other side has become a catch-all for anything "bathroom type" that I can shove in there and still manage to swiftly close the doors.  It's been driving me crazy ever since we've moved.  So I tackled it.  And I created a travel stuff section (see item #6).  Here is the before/after picture:
(Oh, I am not promoting any of these products they are just what I use..probably because they were given to me or were really cheap at the store...yes I know pack-rate & cheapskate....perfect combination)

3. Laptop (or I wouldn't be able to chronicle this whole expedition

I'm including the parts that go along with this sweet baby (e.g. cords, external hard drive) but it falls under my 5 item limit.

4. Camera (It's attached at my hip and should definitely make my top 5)
5. iPad

This was a gift and I am totally addicted.  Trust me in 5 years I am going to need therapy

6. Travel stuff

Now that we live far away and I travel quite a bit for my job, I've created a section of personal travel items.  It just contains a few dirty clothes bags and my TSA approved toiletries.  I managed to narrow it down to at least 10 items.

7.  Backpack

8. Cell phone

9. iPod (a must for workouts)

10. Wallet

I've realized that this 100 thing challenge is really a personal journey and everyone has their own criteria for inclusion and exclusion (see below). I figured out for me some items are really categories, and I try to limit approximately 5 items to each category.

Even if you're not into narrowing your stuff down to a particular number, try tackling that closet or drawer in your dresser that's been driving you crazy for ages.  Or maybe give away 10 items that you have.  You might be surprised at what you find and what you can brighten someones day with.

Next 10 items CLOTHES...fingers-crossed I can narrow it down to just 10.

Whittling away,

My exclusions criteria so far:

*General household items (e.g. furniture, kitchen/food supplies, lamps).  As much as my better half supports me no matter what, he doesn't feel compelled to live with just 100 things.  Of course, he probably wouldn't even blink at this challenge and come in with only 90 personal items.  He is a man that doesn't require much, and I love him for it. (A lot of that love probably comes from my extra stuff getting to fill up all his extra space!)
*Books.  I am an adamant reader and LOVE LOVE LOVE to be surrounded by books.  To me there are just some books you have to own.  For me I guess there are just a lot of books I have to own.

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