Friday, November 5, 2010

Do people ever get tired of talking?

I asked my better half this question the other night. You see I work in a field of talkers.

People that I'm around love to talk. About their data. About themselves. About how they could solve the problems of the world if they were president for a day. They love to give their opinion. And critique you. They love to enlighten you on how you can improve and what you should be doing differently.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a minority. One of the 45% of Americans that actually like what they do. But sometimes I just get tired.... of all the talking. I think more than anything this field has taught me that I am an internal processor.  I like to soak it all in, go back to my office and process it for myself. It's taken over two decades, but it has helped me realize that I am an introvert that knows how to be an extrovert.  I really get my energy from being alone with my journal and my thoughts.  I'm capable of being outgoing but man does it wear me out.

So this week I'm just worn out from all the chatter.  I'm seriously thinking about taking a vow of silence, or a vow of not listening. Or wait....maybe I'll just implement a national day of silence to take care of all the Chatty-Cathys.



Uncle Tractor said...

I too am an introvert. In my job I have to work with people of different skills, backgrounds and education. I enjoy people, but by the end of the week, I feel drained. Some people are psychic vampires. They just drain the life from you. There is nothing better than sitting by my creek, jumping on my bike, or paddling across Lake Champlain. The quiet and natural rhythms recharges me. I can feel the life return.

I second the idea of a National Day of Silence. Great Idea!

Simplifying in the South said...

Your quiet environment sounds divine Uncle Tractor! I was grateful for sometime to relax and recharge this weekend. Glad to know there is a fellow introvert in the mix :)

Allison said...

Have you ever taken a Myers-Brigg inventory? Sounds like you are in one of the "I" (for introverted) categories - I understand that's pretty common for scientists.

Not surprisingly, I'm an "E" (ENTP to be exact) - but that's why I work in public relations. Most of the people I work with are huge talkers, which is how we ended up in communications. I derive my energy from other people, going out, and constantly doing things - I go limp when I'm alone. I need stimulation, noise, and a constant flow of new information.

Sounds like you are definitely an "I" who derives energy from solitary reflection. Try taking the MB inventory - it really gave me a lot of good ideas for how to work with people of other types without going crazy. For example, Brent is also an "I", so we have totally different needs in terms of socialization. He desperately needs to decompress by himself, while I relax when I'm out with others. The solution so far is that I find ways to entertain myself while he hides in his cave.

Simplifying in the South said...

Yes, you have me pegged. Definitely an "I". I took the Myers-Brigg inventory last year, and learned a ton about myself. It's a really enlightening experience.

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