Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Practical" Things I wish I could do

This post was inspired by Mr. Simpleton over at Living a Simple Life.  Check out their getting back to the basics journey and their awesome farm!

 Flying, life remote control, and teleportation wishes aside, here are some "practical" things I wish I could do.

(1) React quickly. I feel like here recently I am slow as molasses when it comes to thinking on my feet or answering questions.  I've always been an internal processor but I think my hard drive needs a reboot.

(2) Play piano.  This is something my parents tried to get me to learn when I was a kid. I chose the flute instead, and now I have this unrelenting feeling of wanting to be the American-version of Yiruma.

(3) Surf. Cowabunga dude!

(4) Travel to Europe.

(5) Whistle through my fingers.  Like this:

(6) Simple math in my head.  My life would be so much easier if I was a walking human calculator

(7) Dance. Ballet, Salsa, Ballroom...they all sound really fun to me.

(8) Run a marathon.  Maybe when I'm forty.

(9) Make my own clothes.  My Mom gave me a sewing machine a couple of years ago but I haven't been brave enough to break it out yet.....a potential winter project.

(10) Grow a garden.  I've inherited a black thumb from my family.  It's so bad I killed a cactus once.

So lots of things to learn on 'however many days' on this earth I have left. It was really fun to dream and think of all the knowledge I can tap into in the future. 

Let's keep this ball rollin'. Tell me things you wish you could do. Post on your blog (and tell me about it) or list them in the comments section.

Dream Big,


Mr. Simpleton said...

Awesome site! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your own list. You know, I've been feeling like I need a reboot lately too. Maybe some meditation is called for. I dunno, but these clouds in my head have gotta go. ;-)

Uncle Tractor said...

I jumped to your blog from Mr. Simpleton's. Great list.

For some reason playing music or singing doesn't rise to the top of my list. Some of my family are quite musical. I guess I just like to hum and listen to other people's music. More travel is always good for everyone. Tear down the walls and see how others live.

Allison said...

I'm with you on number 9. I have a sewing machine, and have made tote bags and curtains, but not any actual garments.

I would also generally like to travel a lot more - within the US and overseas. So many places out there to see!

I wish I had more artistic talent, and that I could draw or sketch.

Years of piano lessons later, I'm still not very good, and I also kill plants like crazy - so I feel you on those as well.

Simplifying in the South said...

Thanks for all the great feedback! I liked this post because it allowed me to discover some awesome new blogs out there. I like your drawing/artistic talent one Allison, I've always wanted to learn how to paint.

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