Monday, November 1, 2010

Lessons from a canine

It's amazing what you can learn about the simple life just by paying attention to your surroundings.  A BIG part of my life is our puppy, Mia.  Here is what she knows about simple living:


Mia spends the majority of her day hanging out, napping, and then napping some more.  She seems pretty content about it.  Happy to enjoy her life as a domesticated, no worries canine.
"What? I'm just laying here.
She is teaching me the importance of sleep.  And that it is okay to just rest.

(2) Get excited about the little things

As soon as she hears the jingle of the leash, Mia goes crazy. 
It's a daily routine. 
Tennis shoes. Leash. Walk.
But that doesn't matter, she gets so jumpy we to have break out wrangling skills just to put her collar on.  Quickly bolting outside, leaving smudges on the glass front door we almost shattered.
I took this kind of everyday excitement and tried applying it to the start of my day.  My routine is similar.
Alarm clock. Shower. Driving. Parking. Office.
But this week I've been noticing exciting aspects in my routine.  I've gazed at the beautiful stars that are still out in the morning thanks to daylight savings time.  I've felt the peaceful quiet I don't get to experience other times of the day.  And I've witnessed a couple of breathtaking sunrises.  So maybe routines can be fun too....
Sometimes she even begs.
(3) Chase the squirrels....even though you may never catch one

Since we've moved Mia's new past time is chasing the bigillion squirrels in our backyard.
The squirrel hunter
I've watched her on numerous occasions lie in wait, then bolt across the yard, almost gleefully, trying to catch a furry version of Michael Johnson.  Once she reaches the base of the tree she looks up, barks playfully with her tail wagging and just stares in anticipation.  While I imagine the squirrel is either waving from the top branch, or sticking it's tongue out.

She will probably never catch one, and I'm not sure if she actually wants to.  It's just a really fun game that she enjoys playing over and over.  And she is never discouraged.  Doubts never plague her about how she isn't good enough to catch squirrels or won't make it in the big leagues of squirrel catching.  I never see her pondering if this is really for her, and maybe she should pursue another hunting life [Cats maybe?].  No, she just keeps trying.  And enjoys every moment.

(4) Lick the spoon

One of the numerous things Mia and I have in common is our love for peanut butter.
Don't worry it's close to being empty
Usually we are caught by my better half enjoying a nice tablespoon now and then. [What? It's good for her skin]  It's a nice treat and a great reward.  It's really easy to get caught up in the grinds of life without any relief or encouragement.  So go ahead, take one millisecond.  Lick the spoon.  Don't think about how many calories or sugar. Just let yourself enjoy something.

Simple living isn't complicated.  There is no magic formula or rulebook.  It's really just about noticing the small things you enjoy and savoring them.

Be in the moment,

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