Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I took a much longer hiatus from the blogging world than expected. We literally got back into town and two hours later I was in my office working on my grant, well into the wee hours. However, the document is currently off my plate and will be completely gone by Friday, so I figured I could just take a moment to catch up.

We had a wonderful holiday. Loads of food, great times together, a wedding, and even snow. This is a picture I captured outside my parents door Friday morning after Thanksgiving. We couldn't believe it:
KY Winter Wonderland Early!
I was grateful for lots of down time to journal, read, and just think. Loads of stuff and ideas to share with you in the upcoming weeks.

But for now I just need a moment to realize that it's actually December 1st. 24 days until Christmas! We are only home for a few weeks then back on the road again. This time of year seems to just fly by.

Trying to catch up,

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