Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homeland for the Holidays

This year begins the travel stage of our life.  Since we've moved away from our families we are now like the 42 million Americans hitting the road for the holidays.

It's very difficult living away from family. Although it's only been a short time for us, I constantly find myself yearning to just go home.

So to say the least my better half and I are very excited about heading home, even just for a long weekend. As I was reflecting on going home I realized there is a simple life lesson in going home for the holidays.

When we lived close to our families it was easy to take people for granted and always visit with them next time.  Now we are headed home for just that. To hug necks, kiss cheeks, and sit down around the kitchen table just being together.  It's a great lesson in learning how to keep my priorities straight.  Going home focuses me.

I know the holidays can sometimes be stressful, and traveling is usually difficult.  But maybe this season you will find yourself in the perfect situation to spend quality time with family and friends.

As for me, I am heading home and focusing on togetherness.  To help me with that, I've decided to take a digital break this holiday weekend.  No Blogs.  No Facebook.  No Internet.  No checking my phone a million times for text messages.  Just quality time spent in deep conversation with family and friends, really listening.

I hope your holidays are filled with laughter, love, and a break from societies pull.


Uncle Tractor said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We too went to visit family. It was great to see our daughter and her family. Lots of driving.

Anonymous said...

The perfect thing about the holidays is you all coming home. Love spending time with my kids.Also love the picture on this blog. You are very talented..Wonder where that comes from.:-)

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