Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day in the Big City

On Saturday we left our small little town for a day in the BIG city of Raleigh, NC.

It was nice to experience 'city-life' again: rich culture, the hustle and bustle of traffic.

We began our day by meeting some dear friends for lunch at Irregardless Cafe in downtown Raleigh. This is a really cute hole-in-the-wall local joint that has been around since the 1970s. There menu changes quite regularly because they buy all local products, from surrounding stores and farmer's markets.

Our food this weekend was absolutely delicious! We made it in time to experience their brunch menu, and I am still trying to shed the pounds from my large helping of wheat strawberry pancakes.  If you are ever in the area, you should definitely try this place. Reservations are suggested for dinner, and if you plan ahead you can receive a free bottle of wine for your birthday or anniversary celebration.

Following brunch we decided to head over to the North Carolina Museum of History for a blast from the past.

This FREE museum is located in downtown Raleigh right across the street from the capitol building. It's a museum definitely worth seeing, and one of the best free museums I've ever been too.  It reminded me of the National Museum of American History in DC, on a smaller scale of course.

The numerous exhibits helped a transplant like me learn all about North Carolina's culture and past, with lots of interactive exhibits and exquisite artwork.  The exhibits span thousands of years on the history of North Carolina.  I even got to sit in a carved out canoe and imagine myself traveling down the Roanoke River.  Although my wide child-bearing hips probably wouldn't have survived the trip.

There is an exhibit that features an old 1950s pharmacy and soda shop. It definitely made me crave an orangeade or creamy chocolate milkshake.

Some must see attractions if you are ever in the BIG city of Raleigh, NC. It was such a pleasant day enjoying great company, divine food, and learning some new things about our area in the process.

Back to the small town life,

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