Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey what's with the changes?

I know, I know two post in one day. I haven't fallen of the rocker, yet. But I just had to explain all the changes going on around here.

I've been mulling, brewing, doodling and writing a lot about Simplifying in the South here recently.

I've decided to spruce things up a bit, give it a brighter, cheery feel (hence the blue) and be able to feature my photographs in a pixel friendly manner (hence the wider column).  This was inspired by a new photo project I'm starting in the month of February (stay tuned).

I also added the new subtitle. Really just for fun and to give myself some kind of direction. I'm motivated by this idea that B-List simple living is possible. I want all of us to realize we don't have to be some kind of extreme, olympic athlete to experience the simple life.  Simplifying is a process, an individualized journey.  And I'm excited to continue to explore it further.

So I hope you like the changes. Tell me either way. If you are having problems with viewing the format, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Keep on truckin',


Uncle Tractor said...

Like it. By the way, it doesn't look like my blog anymore! ;)

Simplifying in the South said...

Thanks Uncle Tractor! Great minds have similar tastes :)

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