Tuesday, November 9, 2010

B-List Simple Living

I'm disciplined and some would say a little bit crazy, but I don't think extreme fits into the adjectives that describe me.  Unless you ask my better half.  This comes up when I'm asking him, on Friday night, to help me clean the entire house just so we can do yard-work over the weekend.
Okay.... OCD, hard-working, but not extreme.

I've been reading a lot about the simple life from the simple living greats.  Tammy quite her day job.  Ross & Laura pedaled around the states for a year.  Everett wrote tons of ebooks.  Leo quite his day job and teaches you how to become an "over 200,000 follower" blogger.  Dave started the 100 thing movement.

These are pretty life-changing, extreme examples.  And when I read about them I feel inspired, and then in the next breath I think "But I can't do 'THAT'.

Then I ask myself (1) What have I gotten myself into? and (2) Can just anyone do this? Can just anyone live this simple life.  Is there a non-extreme, B-list simple life?

And I would answer that with a resounding "YES!"

Maybe you are like me and aren't really willing to become an Olympic athlete in simple living.  Don't be discouraged!  Although others disagree with me, it's possible to begin training slow and ease into the simple life.

Melissa Gorzelanczyk from Peace & Projects (in a guest post) wrote

"Give yourself permission to let minimalism be a learning process."

I love that! There is no formula or deadline to simple living.  It's a process. So be encouraged, you can start simplifying your life today.
Here are some baby steps to try out:

1. Give away 5 clothing items.

2. Call a friend.

3. Take a lunch break away from the computer.  Go outside, read a book, or take a walk.

4. Give up TV for a day.

5. Treat yourself to your favorite dish (and no guilt or worries afterwards!).

6. Go to bed early and get some rest.

7. Take a hike.

8. Enjoy an afternoon reading a book.

9. Take a break from Facebook for a day, or don't check your email.

10. Plan a daytrip.

Take the first step,

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Uncle Tractor said...

These steps are great. I need to take a deep breath, pick one, and just do it. Thanks!

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