Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Thursday: Hello, can you hear me now?

Last week, when it was hectic I kept running into the same problem.

Dropped calls.

Sometimes I wish I were like my dear friend CP.  See how happy he is:

He is smiling because he still lives in the early 1990s and doesn't own a cell phone.  Yes, believe it or not he has a land-line phone. That's the thing that plugs into the wall for us Generation X-er's.

But now back to 2011, and the topic for today: Dropped calls.  They are frustrating, and really confusing. Just when I'm rambling on about something important, I take one momentary breath and then realize all I hear on the other line is this:

Yep, Silence. Or I imagine crickets, but whatever suits your fancy. The frustrating thing is it's not the person on the other line breathing, or at least responding.

Then I become confused. Do I call them back? Do I wait for what seems like hours for them to call me back? Have they figured out they can't hear me yet?

And I've been through the three different Dropped Call Scenarios:

Scene 1: The call drops, you don't know whose fault it is, so both parties immediately call each other back and you get each other's voicemails.

Scene 2: The call drops, you decide to wait it out. You've got time, and they are most definitely going to call you back because they are dying to hear the rest of your "What I had for lunch" story. After five minutes you realize that you've just become a victim of a convenient dropped call .  (Defined as an unobtrusive way to stop a conversation with out being rude or abrupt)

Scene 3: The call drops, you realize you're driving through the middle of nowhere and probably won't regain service until you stop spotting cows at every mile marker. And your dear friend still won't hear the end of your nail-biting "Lunch hour menu" story.

This is such a "give me gray hair" kind of an issue that I finally had to solve it.

So what do you do if a call is dropped?

If you initiated the call, you call the person back.
If you received the call, you wait for the call back.

(This is the consensus of the internet etiquette gurus and other more famous techno bloggers)

Great, glad that's settled.

Prevent me from having to use L'Oreal and share the word.


Kisha said...

That would be great except it only works if other people follow it! ;) In my house, M is the call-back person. When I talk to my mom, I usually do the calling back. It's good to know that there's a rule, though, for those times when I'm talking to someone else.

Also, hi from your cousin-in-law! I didn't know you had a blog--for some reason, I didn't see any of those other posts with links to it until today when I saw the link to this one. I shall add you to my blog reader. :)

Simplifying in the South said...

Hi Kisha, so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it! I agree sometimes this rule doesn't apply to specific relationships, but I'm going to try and stick with it to see what happens. My phone is notorious for dropping calls, so I need some kind of guideline.

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