Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Victories

I've realized this simplifying journey needs rest stops. Times for self-reflection and opportunities to rejoice in little victories. If I'm not careful I'll be back with the society masses, always looking beyond today and seeing where I still have to go.  It's an uphill slope I constantly have to climb.

I had several occasions this week where I was victorious. Recognizing those instances when you know your decision making and way of life is changing.

I stopped myself from online ordering. This week at work I was given a new MacBook Pro.  I was so excited I instantly ran to Amazon and started looking for a NEW computer bag.  Because of course I need a new computer bag to go with my new computer.  But then my little inner voice asked "Don't you have numerous bags at home?" She was right, buried in our office closet was a beautiful AmeriBag given to me by my mother-in-law. It works perfectly.

I stopped myself from going to the mall. The holidays are approaching and for us that means a trip home.  Getting to see family and friends we haven't seen for quite some time. In my mind that means a NEW outfit.  Again it's keeping up with the Joneses, trying to prove to people that I'm making it and I look great doing it.  Well thanks to my 100 thing challenge, I have plenty of clothes to put together great outfits for the holidays.  No purchase necessary.  I am instead going to focus on great conversations and fun times with people I love.  Maybe six months from now they will remember I cared, instead of what color cashmere sweater I was wearing.

From my little victories you can tell constantly buying more stuff is something I'm fighting really hard to overcome.  It is one of my main obstacles to living a simple life.  However, there are other components that could be inhibiting you from simplifying.  Reflect on your week and see if you can identify them. Do you have any little victories you can tell me about?

One battle at a time,

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