Friday, December 3, 2010

Societies Pull

I've eluded to this feeling, battle, influence, several times. Like when you try to keep up with the Joneses, follow the American Dream, or consume 5,000 calories for turkey day.

It's like the monster under your bed. You haven't seen it, but you know it's there and when it's quiet and dark you feel it's presence.
Modern rendition of monster under the bed. (Photo from Andrew)
I've struggled with giving it a name though. Because the power encompasses so many things. But 'societies pull' seems appropriate. Not too specific. It can mean anything from your desire to purchase that dress that is going to make you look beautiful, to the new car that will help you 'fit in' with the neighbors.

I thought about this constant pull a lot over the holiday. Because consumerism and the need to buy something was in my face. Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Sales. I couldn't help notice that constant desire for MORE and dissatisfaction.

It seems like I am becoming hypersensitive about commercials and advertisements. I just keep noticing that there are advertisements everywhere. For example, the other day I stopped at a gas station. There I am pumping my gas just thinking, when a miniature TV (stratgetically placed in front of my face) pops to life and starts playing commercials. It seems you can't have just a moment of silence anywhere.

The pull is becoming stronger as Christmas quickly approaches. The commercials are louder, the guilt heavier, and the cash flow weaker. The invitations for gift exchanges and potluck parties have been rolling in. In my mind there is a constant battle: simplification vs. consumerism. It just seems to be a lot more fierce this time of year.

And what I say is "Put'em up, put'em uuuuuuup!! I'll fight you with my eyes closed! I'll fight you with one paw tied behind my back!"
-Cowardly Lion, Wizard of Oz

Be aware,

*Here is a great list of tricks I found for simplifying the holidays from Stacey over at a good and simple life.

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