Sunday, January 2, 2011

Skipping Christmas: The Results

We are headed back to NC today, 5 pounds heavier, well-rested, and in high spirits.  We have just spent a wonderful two week hiatus at home, spending time with family and friends.

This was our first traveling Christmas since our move. And this year we decided to alter traditions and skip Christmas. Well we skipped the 21st century version of Christmas. No gifts, no shopping, and no credit card bills to come home to.

The results are best described by paraphrasing words from my mother:
"I have actually enjoyed Christmas this year. This is the first Christmas in a long time that I haven't felt stressed at all."

In the absence of material things we gained so much:

We had time for long walks in the below freezing weather and beautiful mountain snow

And plenty of time to sleep-in, waking up to the smell of coffee and a warm breakfast cooking in the kitchen.

We stood on the porch watching the snow fall on Christmas Eve, getting to enjoy our puppy rolling around in it and coming in looking like a puffed pastry sprinkled with powder sugar.

We dabbled in electronic games beyond our years

and revisited old ones from our childhood.

We enjoyed a walk downtown, seeing the sights and window shopping
My Mom and I are the tiny people at the bottom
And even got to get our picture taken with the famous Colonel Sanders, inventor of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The colonel and I are tight, love the extra crispy

There was plenty of time for movie watching
This is my parents little fur-ball, he rules the house and decides the movies.
And setting new fashion trends.
My better half after his eye appointment, isn't he handsome?
There was loads of laughter
That's my big goofy hand on the side, lets just say we had some issues with the camera self-timer
And meals with good friends.

Oh, and did I mention plenty of time to sleep.

I think this is a tradition worth continuing.


Uncle Tractor said...

Laura - Sounds like you had great holiday. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad I got to see you while you were in town!! It sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Year's. I hope that God abundantly blesses you and Jason this year.

Stacey said...

my husband and i have talked about forgoing gifts and other expenses at christmastime in order to go on a family vacation somewhere... that sounds a bit like what you guys did. christmas isn't about gifts... it's about family and memories! happy new year!

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