Monday, February 14, 2011

This Isn't A V-Day Post

I said I wasn't going to do it.

I wasn't going to succumb to the commercialism of Valentine's Day.

No tips for simplifying V-day.  No crafts or stories about your worst date.  No crazy recipes or messages spelled out in little heart shaped cookies.

I was going to let February 14th pass right on by in my blogging world.  Just stick to my normal Tuesday/Thursday/Friday post routine.

Nope. Valentine's day would go unnoticed on Simplifying in the South.

And then my sweet better half sent me this article for Valentine's Day.

And I had to share.

This New York Times Article, "When Love Outgrows Gifts on Valentine's Day" describes a different kind of holiday, going against the commercial Valentine's Day.

Watch out Hallmark, there may be a new way to celebrate candy-hearts & singing stuffed animal day. And it doesn't necessarily involve using your Mastercard:

"But this is only half the story, Mr. Parkman says. Many gifts are of the psychological and intangible sort. They range from simple empathy, affection and a catch-all category called “understanding,” to complex actions like sacrificing your career so your family can move to a city where a spouse or partner has a new and better job."

One of the couples interviewed (married over 50 years) had this to say about tangible gift-giving and romance.  Great advice for any relationship:

We gave away a lot of money, but it wasn’t tied to an occasion, and it was not required,” he said. “You know you are doing the right thing. It’s not stressful at all."

It's not stressful at all.  I love that.  People taking gift-giving back to it's original roots.  Not what is expected or what society tells you, but just a single act of love (out of many).  A simple way to say "I'm thinking about you and wanted to make you smile."
We are on a role skipping holidays around here.  Well skipping how society tells us we should celebrate holidays.  The Results: quality time, zero stress, and plenty of time for rest.

So go against the Status Quo this V-Day.  Check out the article and give the people you love in your life the intangible gifts they can store in their hearts forever.

Bucking the Status Quo,


Tanja from Minimalist Packrat said...

I didn't do a Valentine's post for exactly the reasons you described. But then I felt a little itch. I held back anyways! How funny that yours is right on line with mine. My honey and I don't exchange valentines gifts, cards or even flowers anymore.

It's not because we're not in love, we are more deeply in love 15 years in than we were that first year we met. For us it's because our love isn't embodied in a $3 Hallmark card, it's in every hug we share, every moment we take to listen to each other and have a conversation, and in holding hands while we "couch sit" and watch a movie together.

Good for you on doing your big anti-consumer Valentine's post! Maybe next year I'll put one up too.


Simplifying in the South said...

I totally agree Tanja, "Love isn't embodied in a $3 Hallmark card." I think love is in the moments we share and the little everyday things we do together that you described.

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